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  • Paradoxes of the Self

    "Moving back and forth between celebration of the private self and articulation of the impossibility of a one-person psychoanalysis, Modell’s quest to define the nature of the self has taken him from classical analytic theory, through Winnicott and object relations, to the philosophy of intersubjectivity and, in later years, to the work of infant researchers and neuroscientists."

  • Doctoral Fellows Seminar

    Doctoral Fellows Seminar

    "The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action announces a fellowship opportunity for doctoral students writing a dissertation on a topic in nonprofit or philanthropic studies. Fellows will have the chance to get important feedback on their research and funding to attend the 2011 ARNOVA Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario."

  • Time and Reflexivity

    "If we are aware of the partiality of our accounts, then we need to find out in what ways we are partial, how our accounts incorporate assumptions of which we are not ordinarily aware - we need, in other words, to reflect on our reflections; we need to be reflexive. Moreover, if it is accepted that the observer is not detached from the system observed, then the observer should indeed get as close to the system as possible, for, only in that way, will its internal life and development be properly understood."

  • New Journal to be Launched

    New Journal to be Launched


  • Mind as Instrument

    Mind as Instrument

    "While psychoanalytic observation of institutions is, first of all, a method of training for psychiatrists and more recently for institutional consultants and social scientists, he argues that institutional observation can also be used as a research method, for single case studies, as well as for wider studies."